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Parution des actes de la conférence SR2A

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Le volume thématique dédié aux actes de la conférence SR2A 2014 vient de paraître. En accord avec la revue JAAS, les 28 articles sont libres d’accès jusqu’au 17 avril :

- 1. Synchrotron radiation and neutrons in art and archaeology 2014, Loïc Bertrand, Philippe Dillmann and Ina Reiche [article]

- 2. Micro-XANES study on Mn browning : use of quantitative valence state maps, Gert Nuyts, Simone Cagno, Simone Bugani and Koen Janssens [article]

- 3. Tracking the transformation and transport of arsenic sulfide pigments in paints : synchrotron-based X-ray micro-analyses, Katrien Keune, Jennifer Mass, Florian Meirer, Carol Pottasch, Annelies van Loon, Alyssa Hull, Jonathan Church, Emeline Pouyet, Marine Cotte and Apurva Mehta [article]

- 4. Strategies for processing mega-pixel X-ray fluorescence hyperspectral data : a case study on a version of Caravaggio’s painting Supper at Emmaus, Matthias Alfeld and Koen Janssens [article]

- 5. An integrated approach based on micro-mapping analytical techniques for the detection of impurities in historical Zn-based white pigments, V. Capogrosso, F. Gabrieli, S. Bellei, L. Cartechini, A. Cesaratto, N. Trcera, F. Rosi, G. Valentini, D. Comelli and A. Nevin [article]

- 6. Challenging wax-cast figurine serial production unravelled by multi-analytical techniques, Agnès Le Gac, Teresa Isabel Madeira, Marco Stanojev Pereira, Joana Santos, Luís Piorro, Luís Dias, Marta Manso, Jean Bleton, Stéphane Longelin, Cátia Marques Prazeres, José Mirão, António Candeias, José Gonçalves Marques and Maria Luísa de Carvalho [article]

- 7. The use of XRPD for the investigation of historic pigments and painting materials in works by Henryk Siemiradzki, A. Rafalska-Łasocha, M. Grzesiak-Nowak, D. Sarkowicz and W. Łasocha [article]

- 8. Palaeolithic paint palettes used at La Garma Cave (Cantabria, Spain) investigated by means of combined in situ and synchrotron X-ray analytical methods, M. Gay, M. Alfeld, M. Menu, E. Laval, P. Arias, R. Ontañón and I. Reiche [article]

- 9. Mapping iron gall ink penetration within paper fibres using scanning transmission X-ray microscopy, V. Rouchon and S. Bernard [article]

- 10. The mapping and differentiation of biological and environmental elemental signatures in the fossil remains of a 50 million year old bird, Victoria M. Egerton, Roy A. Wogelius, Mark A. Norell, Nicholas P. Edwards, William I. Sellers, Uwe Bergmann, Dimosthenis Sokaras, Roberto Alonso-Mori, Konstantin Ignatyev, Arjen van Veelen, Jennifer Anné, Bart van Dongen, Fabien Knoll and Phillip L. Manning [article]

- 11. Application of a spoked channel array to confocal X-ray fluorescence imaging and X-ray absorption spectroscopy of medieval stained glass, Sanjukta Choudhury, Josef Hormes, David N. Agyeman-Budu, Arthur R. Woll, Graham N. George, Ian Coulthard and Ingrid J. Pickering [article]

- 12. Compositional analysis of a historical collection of Cisalpine Gaul’s coins kept at the Hungarian National Museum, J. Corsi, B. Maróti, A. Re, Zs. Kasztovszky, L. Szentmiklósi, M. Torbágyi, A. Agostino, D. Angelici and S. Allegretti [article]

- 13. A comparative study of Hispano-Moorish and Italian Renaissance lustred majolicas by using X-ray absorption spectroscopy, C. Guglieri Rodriguez, P. Fermo, L. Olivi and G. Padeletti [article]

- 14. Degradation mechanisms of reinforcing iron rebars in monuments : the role of multiscale porosity in the formation of corrosion products investigated by X-ray tomography, Mathieu Jacot-Guillarmod, Olivier Rozenbaum, Valérie L’Hostis, Philippe Dillmann, Delphine Neff and Claire Gervais [article]

- 15. Mortar samples from the Abbey of Saint John at Müstair : a combined spatially resolved X-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption (XANES) study, Josef Hormes, Qunfeng Xiao, Yongfeng Hu, Christine Bläuer, Anja Diekamp, Jürg Goll and G.-Lisa Bovenkamp [article]

- 16. Combined neutron and laser techniques for technological and compositional investigations of hollow bronze figurines, Juri Agresti, Iacopo Osticioli, Maria Cristina Guidotti, Giuseppina Capriotti, Nikolay Kardjilov, Antonella Scherillo and Salvatore Siano [article]

- 17. In situ monitoring of corrosion processes by coupled micro-XRF/micro-XRD mapping to understand the degradation mechanisms of reinforcing bars in hydraulic binders from historic monuments, S. Grousset, F. Kergourlay, D. Neff, E. Foy, J.-L. Gallias, S. Reguer, P. Dillmann and A. Noumowé [article]

- 18. In situ time-lapse synchrotron radiation X-ray diffraction of silver corrosion, Rita Wiesinger, Rosie Grayburn, Mark Dowsett, Pieter-Jan Sabbe, Paul Thompson, Annemie Adriaens and Manfred Schreiner [article]

- 19. Thermodynamic and experimental study of the degradation of the red pigment mercury sulfide, Marie Radepont, Yvan Coquinot, Koen Janssens, Jean-Jacques Ezrati, Wout de Nolf and Marine Cotte [article]

- 20. Phase composition mapping of a 17th century Japanese helmet, A. Fedrigo, F. Grazzi, A. Williams, S. Kabra and M. Zoppi [article]

- 21. Full spectral XANES imaging using the Maia detector array as a new tool for the study of the alteration process of chrome yellow pigments in paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Letizia Monico, Koen Janssens, Matthias Alfeld, Marine Cotte, Frederik Vanmeert, Chris G. Ryan, Gerald Falkenberg, Daryl L. Howard, Brunetto Giovanni Brunetti and Costanza Miliani [article]

- 22. Neutron resonance transmission imaging for 3D elemental mapping at the ISIS spallation neutron source, Giulia Festa, Enrico Perelli Cippo, Daniela Di Martino, Roberta Cattaneo, Roberto Senesi, Carla Andreani, Erik Schooneveld, Winfried Kockelmann, Nigel Rhodes, Antonella Scherillo, Petra Kudejova, Katalin Biro, Krisztina Duzs, Zsuzsa Hajnal and Giuseppe Gorini [article]

- 23. Non-destructive analyses of bronze artefacts from Bronze Age Hungary using neutron-based methods, V. Kiss, K. P. Fischl, E. Horváth, Gy. Káli, Zs. Kasztovszky, Z. Kis, B. Maróti and G. Szabó [article]

- 24. Evidence for an unorthodox firing sequence employed by the Berlin Painter : deciphering ancient ceramic firing conditions through high-resolution material characterization and replication, I. Cianchetta, K. Trentelman, J. Maish, D. Saunders, B. Foran, M. Walton, Ph. Sciau, T. Wang, E. Pouyet, M. Cotte, F. Meirer, Y. Liu, P. Pianetta and A. Mehta [article]

- 25. “De Colorando Auro” medieval colour surface treatment of silver gilded statuettes decorating the Holy Lady Shrine of Huy (13th century, Belgium), Amandine C. Crabbé, Andrea Ceglia, Jose Cerezo, Helena J. M. Wouters, Cristian Mocuta, Herman Terryn and Isabelle Vandendael [article]

- 26. Evolution of terra sigillata technology from Italy to Gaul through a multi-technique approach, Yoanna Leon, Philippe Sciau, Michel Passelac, Corinne Sanchez, Robert Sablayrolles, Philippe Goudeau and Nobumichi Tamura [article]

- 27. Morphology and characterization of Dematiaceous fungi on a cellulose paper substrate using synchrotron X-ray microtomography, scanning electron microscopy and confocal laser scanning microscopy in the context of cultural heritage, H. M. Szczepanowska, D. Jha and Th. G. Mathia [article]

- 28. Colour degradation of artworks : an ab initio approach to X-ray, electronic and optical spectroscopy analyses of vermilion photodarkening, C. Hogan and F. Da Pieve [article]

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