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Chemist - Postdoctoral researcher at IPANEMA

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Research interest

  • Study of varnishes and coatings applied to cultural heritage objects. Chemical characterization of the materials and their ageing processes, the interactions between themselves, with other compounds of the object or with the environment.
  • Vibrational spectroscopies techniques applied to organic varnishes and coatings made with natural products (resins, drying oils, wax…). Band assignment and identification of the specific markers of each material and of their ageing compounds. Improve the data processing.
  • Optimization of the sample preparation for multilayered samples for the analysis of their compositional profile. Adaptation of the sample preparation methods to each analytical technique in order to improve the obtained results.

Current research

My research involves the study of varnishes and coatings of musical instruments, in particular the ones of the violin family in order to shed light in the historical background of these objects. Specifically, it is focused in the study of the molecular composition of each layer (matrix and additives like pigments and dyes) and the identification of reaction compounds due to the ageing or to the interaction between materials. Analyses are complemented with characterization of the raw materials in order to understand its chemical composition and to optimize of the sample extraction and sample preparation methods.


Degree in Chemistry and in Art History (both in Universitat de Barcelona, Spain). During my Master and my PhD (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain) I was specialized in the analysis of organic coatings of cultural heritage objects, in particular diterpenic resins, in order to know their molecular characterization, alterations and aging processes. Main analytical techniques were vibrational spectroscopies assessed with complementary analytical techniques and using also the synchrotron sources of Diamond Light Source (UK) and ALBA Synchrotron Light Facility (Spain). At the end of 2016 I started a post-doctoral project in IPANEMA in order to study the chemical composition and the structure of varnishes and coatings of musical instruments.


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