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REYNAUD Corentin

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Current research

Study at nano- and micro-scales of exceptionally preserved archaeological textile fibres. This research work, conducted under the direction of Loïc Bertrand, focused on the analysis of textiles that have been buried near copper artifacts for thousands of years. Different light/matter interaction techniques were used to characterize the state of fibre mineralisation and the state of preservation of the organic polymers that constitute them.


As student in the chemistry department of the ENS Paris-Saclay, I am currently doing my final internship at the IPANEMA laboratory as part of my Master 2 "Chemistry-Physics : Instruments, Concepts and Applications". During my studies, I completed two research internships. The first, in 2016 at the University of Paris Descartes, concerned the functionalisation of paracyclophanes by activating C-H bonds and studying their fluorescence properties. The second, in 2017 at the "The Mary Rose" Museum, consisted of an analytical study of the degradation of the Mary Rose wood.