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Current research

Optimisation of a nano-imaging and nano-spectroscopy technique (AFM-IR) to study the alteration of pictorial layers in oil paintings containing zinc white.


I am currently doing my final internship as a photonics engineer (ENSSAT) at IPANEMA, under Mathieu Thoury’s supervision. During my training, I did two research internships. The first, at CRC, was to study the polarising effect of butterfly wings (1 month, 2017). The second, at C2RMF, consisted in the development of a micro-LIBS spectroscopy technique in the UV range (1 month, 2018). During my third year of school (2018-2019), I spent a semester in Germany at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, and more specifically at the Abbe School of Photonics to take biophotonics courses. During this semester, I participated in a project of cutting and imaging system automation, aiming to study the development of tumors in mice.