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Research interests

Multi-scale characterisation of the structure and properties of heterogeneous ancient materials applied to alteration, conservation and restauration-related questions.

Current research

Characterisation of the radiation damage caused by synchrotron radiation (X-ray range) in the process of analysing ancient materials (apatitic fossils, pigments), with two research topics :

  • Change in speciation in specific transition metals (XAS)
  • Development of structural electronic defects (EPR)

This research aims to understand the underlying physico-chemical mechanisms while determining optimal analysis conditions which do not compromise the artefacts and works’ integrity.

Research Background

  • 2014 - Graduation from the Chemistry School ParisTech, specialising in Material science : M1 internship on the chemical and mineralogical characterisation of ceramic bodies (C2RMF) ; M2 internship on the synthesis of yellow praseodymium pigments for inkjet printing (Saint Gobain CREE).
  • 2014-2018 - CIFRE thesis (LRMH and CRCC) on the phenomenon of stone yellowing induced by laser cleaning (QS Nd:YAG 1064 nm). Under the direction of Christine Andraud and Véronique Vergès-Belmin, financed by the SILLTEC company.
  • Post-doctoral fellowship (IMPMC, 11 months) on the characterisation of the paste-glaze interface of ancient ceramics, composed of micro and nanocrystals for devitrification. Supervised by Laurent Cormier, in collaboration with the PCMTH team (IRCP and C2RMF).
  • Since 2019 - Post-doctoral fellowship (IPANEMA) on the effects of X-ray irradiation on specific ancient materials. Supervised by Loïc Bertrand, funded by the European Commission through IPERION CH H2020 project.


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M. Godet, V. Vergès-Belmin, N. Gauquelin, M. Saheb, J. Monnier, E. Leroy, J. Bourgon, J. Verbeeck, C. Andraud, Nanoscale investigation by TEM and STEM-EELS of the laser induced yellowing, Micron, 2018, 25-31, DOI : 10.1016/j.micron.2018.08.006

M. Godet, V. Vergès-Belmin, M. Saheb, S. Réguer, C. Andraud, Laser induced yellowing of hematite α-Fe2O3 based samples : a XANES and optical spectroscopy investigation, SN Applied Sciences, 2019, 1:893, DOI : 10.1007/s42452-019-0947-9