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Palaeontologist — Postdoctoral researcher SOLEIL and IPANEMA

Université Paris-Saclay
Site du Synchrotron SOLEIL
BP48 Saint-Aubin
91192 Gif-sur-Yvette

Tel. : +33 1 69 35 81 06
E-mail :

Research interest

  • Invertebrate palaeontology : taxonomy, systematics and palaeoecology of early continental crustaceans, particularly from the Palaeozoic
  • Taphonomy of well-preserved fossils : authigenic mineralization of soft-tissues, depositional environments and rare earth element geochemistry
  • Filed work : fossil collection and stratigraphical study
  • Development of advanced 2D imaging techniques : synchrotron X-ray fluorescence, absorption and diffraction rapid scanning, ultraviolet/visible luminescence imaging.

Current researches

My research activities stand at the interface between palaeontology, geochemistry and advanced spectro-imaging analyses. They focus on the environmental (redox conditions, ion availability) and biological (type of biological tissue, taxa, microbial activity, degree of decay) controls that lead to exceptional fossilization, that is the preservation of « soft-bodied » animals, non-mineralized tissues or molecules through million years. This involves a range of approaches from field excavation to experimental work, through methodological developments in order to attain multiscale imaging of fossils, and to (re)define palaeoenvironmental proxys and reliable biosignatures.

Short bio

With a primary background in Life and Earth Sciences, and a MSc in Environmental Sciences (University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France), I finally specialized in Palaeontology by working in the palaeontological collections of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (Paris, France). My PhD (MNHN, 2011–2014) was part of a national joint project about the terrestrialization processes, and focused on the systematics, palaeoenvironment and palaeoecology of the early continental crustacean fauna from the Late Devonian (365 million years ago) of Strud (Belgium). I also started investigating on the physicochemical mechanisms leading to the exceptional preservation of these fossils through a first collaboration with IPANEMA and the DiffAbs beamline of the SOLEIL synchrotron. Since end 2014 I am a postdoctoral researcher at both IPANEMA and the DiffAbs beamline where I am applying new methodological developments to the study of various well-preserved fossils.


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