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Research topics

3D reconstruction from Compton scattering.

Current Research

Some patrimonial objets are characterized by a big relation w/t : the width and height are too big related to its thickness. The heterogeneous nature of the materials of these objets suggest a 3D analysis but classical modalities of tomography can not be used due to the "thin" geometry of the objet.

X-ray tomography regards photoelectric absorption or coherent scattering phenomena. This kind of tomography is predominant because of our knowledge of the related mathematical formulation and its inverse problem : the Radon transform.
Incoherent (Compton) scattering is another kind of interaction between photons and matter. The related process of image formation is considered as noise added to the other two phenomena mentioned before.

Hence, the goal of my thesis is to use the information carried over by the Compton scattering in the image formation process to be able to perform 3D reconstruction. The aim is to use the 5-100keV domain where we might consider Compton scattering as the dominant phenomenon of the image formation process.


  • PhD Candidate, IPANEMA. Thesis title : « Compton 2D Imaging for 3D reconstruction », started on November first, 2014 and supervised by Serge Cohen, Laurent Dumas and Maï Nguyen-Verger.
  • MSc in Applied Mathematics, Jean Monnet University.
  • "Modelling, simulation and characterisation of human endothelial tessellations with Gaussian random fields" in partnertship with École des Mines de Saint-Étienne. 2014. Internship
  • "Development of a road network traffic forecasting algorithm" at Aximum Produits Electroniques. 2013. Internship