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SCHOEDER Sebastian

Physicist — SOLEIL scientist — Beamline responsible of PUMA

Synchrotron SOLEIL
BP 48 St Aubin
F-91192 Gif Sur Yvette (France)

+ 33 1 69 35 81 93

Research areas

- Managing the construction of the PUMA beamline.
- Methodological research for X-ray micro beam experiments.
- Investigations into the effects of radiation damage.

Current research

I am currently managing the construction of PUMA beamline.

Research background

I studied physics at the University of Stuttgart. The topic of my phd thesis was the investigation of the interface melting of ice with high energy X-rays. The thesis was organized by the University of Stuttgart, the Max Planck Institute for metal research and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). I continued my research with a post-doc position at the ESRF in which I studied the structure of macromolecules in arthropodes. In 2010 I was hired by SOLEIL as beamline responsible for the PUMA beamline.

Other research topics that I investigated include the formation processes of hydrates, impurities in antarctic ice cores and structural investigations of biomacromolecules.


Peer-reviewed publications

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