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Physique-Optique — Doctorante Soleil

chez Synchrotron SOLEIL
BP 48 St Aubin
F-91192 Gif Sur Yvette (France)

+ 33 1 69 35 81 62

Research topics

- UV/Visible imaging and microspectroscopy for cultural heritage materials analysis.

Current Research

Coupling of luminescence imaging and microspectroscopy techniques in the UV/Vis range enable a characterization of archeological and cultural heritage materials. Measures to submicron scale give access to individual signatures of the luminophors of our materials. The complete characterization of these historical materials will deepen the current knowledge on these types of samples.
As part of my thesis, the methodological approach of multi-scale synchrotron imaging and microspectroscopy will be optimized. My work will consist in deepen the analysis of synchrotron source method, to develop a new tool to work on the scale of a few micrometers and link the results obtained by these two analytical methods.


PhD candidate, IPANEMA/Synchrotron SOLEIL, thesis title : multi-scale UV / Visible imaging and spectroscopy with both synchrotron and lab sources for cultural heritage materials.
Supervised by Loïc Bertrand and Mathieu Thoury and began on October 1st, 2012

Engineering degree from the "Institut d’Optique", September 2009 - September 2012 :
- Alternate training at Saint Gobain Recherche during my second and third years at school (2010-2012).
During this first experience, I have worked on various studies focused on the following project : Design of new optical products and measurements of their properties. My work consisted in optical simulations on a software to understand and optimize a system and in the use of instruments for optical characterizations.