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IAEA Deputy Director visits IPANEMA

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The Deputy Director General and head of the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Najat Mokhtar, visited the PUMA beamline and IPANEMA premises on July 10.

Accompanied by Ms Catherine Berge-Thierry, Advisor to the Director of the CEA, Ms Mokhtar was welcomed to the SOLEIL site by representatives of the synchrotron management, as well as by Loïc Bertrand, the Director of IPANEMA.

During this visit, the IAEA Deputy Director went to PUMA beamline, which is dedicated to the characterisation of ancient materials, before being welcome to our premises.

At this occasion, IPANEMA’s scientific team presented :

  • the use of accelerators (Mathieu Thoury)
  • the general collaboration with the IAEA (Loïc Bertrand, Sebastian Schoeder, Sam Webb)
  • microscopy and advanced imaging work (Selwin Hageraats, Alice Gemat, Rafaella Georgiou)
  • radiation damage (Marie Godet)

Ms Mokhtar expressed a sincere interest for the innovative methods developped by IPANEMA scientists to better understand ancient materials, their history and the degradation processes in which they are involved.

The exchange was followed by a convivial meal with Najat Mokhtar (IAEA) and Catherine Berge-Thierry (CEA), Jean-Denis Vigne (National Museum of Natural History), Armelle Regnault (University of Paris-Saclay), Astrid Brandt-Grau, Isabelle-Cécile Le Mée (Ministry of Culture), Loïc Bertrand, and members of IPANEMA’s staff.

Post-scriptum :

This meeting was part of a multi-year collaboration on radiation damage between IPANEMA and the IAEA. In May 2019, the representatives of Brazil, Egypt, France and the Netherlands to the IAEA launched a joint initiative to encourage the scientific study of cultural heritage. Also supported by Australia, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom, this initiative mentioned the World Meeting on "Heritage, Sciences and Technologies" held in Paris in February 2019, and the resulting Paris Declaration.