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IPANEMA partner of the CuBISM project (PIRE, NSF)

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In the frame of a particularly competitive call for proposals, the National Science Foundation (NSF, USA) has selected the PIRE NSF Computationally-Based Imaging of Structure in Materials (CuBISM) submitted by the Northwestern University with the participation of the Art Institute of Chicago, CNR (Italy), IPANEMA and NICAS (Netherlands).
The PIRE (Partnerships for International Research and Education) programme of NSF supports research projects that cannot take place without international collaborations.

CuBISM project has two components :
- Modelling of the long-term physicochemical behaviour of heterogeneous materials
- Advanced computing methods for imaging and optical behaviour of samples.
The project will provide about 10 doctoral and postdoctoral positions.

The participation of IPANEMA in the project is built on data collection through new imaging techniques (compared to modelling), and on the hosting of young American doctoral and postdoctoral researchers as “hosted scientists”.