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Medici Summer School (HEC Paris) session at IPANEMA

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IPANEMA received the visit of the 35 students and professors on June 19, as part of Medici Summer School.

Accompanied by Mathieu Thoury and Loïc Bertrand, the group of visitors, composed of professors and students in sociology, management and economics, had the opportunity to visit SOLEIL synchrotron. The visit focused on the possible uses on ancient materials.

They then participated in a moment of exchange around four questions :

- How does a laboratory like IPANEMA help to establish links between science and culture ?
- How do we develop and benefit from networks, from the local to the international level ?
- What is the key for us to establish new interdisciplinary connections in this field ?
- What critical data is missing from an economic point of view, particularly to better assess the impact of our work ?

These exchanges were particularly inspiring both for IPANEMA’s team and for our visitors.

Post-scriptum :

The Medicis Summer School is a programme funded by HEC Paris, Bologna Business School) and MIT Sloan School of Management. Organised from June 16 to 21 in Paris, it is aimed at doctoral students in economics, political economy, management studies and strategy. This year’s theme focuses on the links between science and culture.