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PhD fellowship at IPANEMA and CR2P

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IPANEMA and the CR2P are recruiting a PhD student in the framework of the DILUVIAN project (Deciphering hidden Information with LUminescence of Vetigrastropoda using new Imaging ANalytical methods).

The DILUVIAN project is part of an emerging theme to understand the evolution of pigment /colour /vision relationships in the living world. It focuses on the Gastropoda clade, which, by combining an extraordinary diversity of shells and an inference of residual biochromes in a sufficiently large fossil state, offers a unique opportunity to study their evolution over time. The objective of this project is to characterize the composition of porphyrinic residual biochromes, which are dominant in the post-Palaeozoic Vetigastropoda, and to evaluate the diagenetic phenomena on their conservation to allow better access to the evolutive processes associated with the production of colours. An innovative approach to understanding the evolution of these biochromes is proposed. It is based mainly on the development and use of new spectral photoluminescence imaging techniques at multi-scale.

This PhD fellowship is financed by the DIM (Key Research Sector) "Ancient and Heritage Materials". Analyzes will be carried out mainly at IPANEMA and at the Synchrotron SOLEIL. The material will largely come from the MNHN collections and research materials. The doctoral student will report to the doctoral school E.D. 227 (Nature and human sciences : ecology and evolution), MNHN. It will be located in Gif-sur-Yvette during the analysis work and at the MNHN.

The detailed PhD offer is available below.