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Resilience of cultural heritage to natural disasters as a major challenge by G7 Science Academies

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The 3rd of May 2017, Science Academies of G7 countries, including the French Academy of science, handed three common declarations on major scientific challenges to Sergio Mattarella, president of Italian Republic. Italy is indeed organizing the next G7 summit that will be held on 26th and 27th of May in Taormine (Sicily).

Together with the challenge of neurodegenerative diseases in aging population and the role of science, technology, innovation and infrastructure for the new economic growth, the resilience of cultural heritage to natural disasters was identified as an important scientific priority.

G7 Science Academies emphasize the need to enhance public awareness on the specificities of cultural heritage vulnerability. They are presenting some recommendations and prospective actions :
- Continue research to evaluate risks and prevent the different categories of natural disasters.
- Establish protocols defining the appropriates measures to be implemented after a disaster.
- Properly fund conservation and restoration school and make them interact with research centres.
- Foster participative funding.
- Enhance international cooperation.