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Samuel Webb, invited researcher at IPANEMA

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Samuel Webb, staff scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory – Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lights Sources (United-States) will be soon hosted at IPANEMA. He is indeed one of the ten senior researchers selected in the framework of the fifth session of the Jean d’Alembert grants programme of Université Paris-Saclay. This programme enables highly qualified young researchers and senior scientists to make stays of long duration (6 to 12 months) in one of the laboratories of the perimeter of the University.

The overall theme of his research project at IPANEMA and Université Paris-Saclay is to examine the issues of radiation damage of materials in intensely focused x-ray beams, with a strong focus on cultural heritage materials and historical pigments. The research directions will encompass (a) understanding the mechanisms of damage, particularly in increasingly complex matrices, (b) developing experimental methodologies that will minimize exposure, and (c) establishing effective multimodal spectroscopy tools for the monitoring of potential damage. Interaction with IPANEMA/SOLEIL users and staff as well as Paris-Saclay students and researchers will also include opportunities for the exchange of training and experimental methodologies. The developments from this program will continue to strengthen the collaborative connections between Stanford and Paris-Saclay.