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PhD defence : Patricio Guerrero-Prado

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Patricio Guerrero-Prado will defend his PhD thesis entitled « Three-dimensional reconstruction of flat heritage objects based on Compton scattering tomography » on Thursday July 5, 2018 at 2 pm in the room 2104 of the University Versailles—Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

The jury will be composed of :

  • Guillaume BAL (The University of Chicago) Rapporteur
  • Uwe BERGMAN (Stanford University) Rapporteur
  • Serge COHEN (IPANEMA) Thesis Director
  • Laurent DUMAS (Université de Versailles) Thesis Co-director
  • Mohamed EL RHABI (École des Ponts ParisTech) Reviewer
  • Sylvie LE HÉGARAT (Université Paris-Sud) Reviewer
  • Mai NGUYEN (Université Cergy-Pontoise) Thesis Co-director
  • Roman NOVIKOV (École Polytechnique) Reviewer


Three-dimensional characterization of flat ancient material objects has remained a challenging activity to accomplish by conventional X-ray tomography methods due to their anisotropic morphology and attened geometry. To overcome the limitations of such methodologies, an imaging modality based on Compton scattering is studied in this work. Classical X-ray tomography treats Compton scattering data as noise in the image formation process, while in Compton scattering tomography the conditions are set such that Compton data become the principal image contrasting agent. Under these conditions, we are able to avoid relative rotations between the sample and the imaging setup. Mathematically this problem is addressed by means of the conical Radon transform. A model of the direct problem is presented where the output of the system is the spectral image obtained from an input object. The inverse problem is addressed to estimate the 3D distribution of the electronic density of the input object from the spectral image. The feasibility of this methodology is supported by numerical simulations.

Crédits photo : Vo Trung Dung