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Training workshop by Sam Webb at IPANEMA, October 14-16

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As part of Sam Webb’s visiting professorship, the DIM Ancient and Heritage Materials is organising a two-and-a-half day workshop on strategies for analysing synchrotron X-ray images in the field of heritage and the environment.

Participants will be selected by a Scientific Committee, based on a résumé and a cover letter. Ten places will be booked for young scientists from the DIM "Matériaux anciens et patrimoniaux".

Applications are open online until September 1à (included)  :

Agenda :

Synchrotron based x-ray techniques provide a wealth of information on a range of scientific samples. Developments for a few decades have put in evidence the particular interest of synchrotron techniques for cultural heritage and ancient systems. However, several challenges exist in typical experiments, from optimising and planning an effective experiment, collecting data in an efficient manner, monitoring the specimens to allow safer experiments, to extracting useful information from large data sets. The workshop will introduce participants to a series of analysis strategies for synchrotron x-ray fluorescence (XRF) imaging and x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) in the context of heritage and environmental fields.

The first day will focus on the background behind each of these techniques, data collection strategies, and the principles behind data processing. Application based lectures in the afternoon will highlight how these techniques and data analysis methods can be applied to several real-life cultural heritage examples. The second day will build on data analysis situations, giving the participants hand-on data analysis experience using different types of data sets. The last half-day will continue to work on data set analysis techniques, using data sets provided by the participants as well. At the conclusion of the workshop, students will take away a working knowledge of x-ray spectral imaging and spectroscopy techniques and how to use these processes in real time in order to optimize data collection. While the workshop examples will focus on synchrotron data, the analysis fundamentals and techniques can also be widely applied to XRF data collected from laboratory sources.

Post-scriptum :

This training is supported by the DIM "Matériaux anciens et patrimoniaux" funded by the Ile-de-France region.