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Funded research projects

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European projects

- H2020 OPEN SESAME, 2017—2019. Ensuring the optimal exploitation of SESAME synchrotron by transferring knowledge, skills and best practices from European facilities.

- H2020 E-RIHS PP. Preparatory Phase of The European Research Infrastructure on Heritage Science.

- H2020 IPERION CH, 2015—2019. European user access to IPANEMA and synchrotron SOLEIL and methodological research.

- H2020 RItrain. Improving and professionalizing the training of managerial and leadership staff in research infrastructures.

International Projects

- CuBISM, Computationally Based Imaging of Structure in Materials, Project PIRE-NSF, Northwestern University, Art Institute of Chicago, CNR (Italy), IPANEMA and NICAS (Netherlands), 2017-2020.

Main national projects

- LabEx PATRIMA, 2011—2019
The laboratoire d’excellence PATRIMA support activities carried out collaboratively regarding the research on heritage materials. It associates 26 laboratories.
Research projects funded under PATRIMA :

  • 2C3D
  • ETAM, ETAM++
  • Stay of Professor Uwe Bergmann (SLAC, Stanford), 2016-2017
  • Seminar cycle "Authenticité", LabEx Patrima and MSH Paris Saclay, 2016-2017
  • Realization of a film on mineralized textiles, 2016-2019

- EquipEx PATRIMEX, 2012—2019
The PATRIMEX equipment of excellence funds the installation of a fast X-ray imaging equipment at IPANEMA for the study of ancient materials.

- IR-drx Aiming at the development of high-throughput X-ray diffraction imaging. Funded under the Imag’In program (2015-2016) of the Mission pour l’interdisciplinarité, CNRS.

- Project TOMAT, Idex UCA JEDI, 2018-2020

Main regional projects

- DIM (Key Research Sector) "Matériaux anciens et Patrimoniaux". Ile-de-France research network dedicated to the study of ancient materials, Ile-de-France Region.

Projects funded by the DIM "Matériaux anciens et patrimoniaux" :

- Retouches archéométriques, Diagonale Paris-Saclay, 2015-2017

Main past projects

- 7e PCRD CHARISMA, 2009—2014, CHARISMA, European user access to IPANEMA and synchrotron SOLEIL and methodological research

- STAR, ARCUS Île-de-France

- ARCOR, ANR blanc

- GDRI Sciences et technologies de l’Art rupestre

- QOX, RTRA Triangle de la Physique / Digiteo