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Interdisciplinary scientific workshop : "Heritage materials and material heritage on the Saclay territory"

Ecole Polytechnique, Amphithéâtre Gay-Lussac, March 10th 2016

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Researches in the field of material heritage (museum objects, artefacts from natural history and archaeology, architecture, manuscripts and books, archives, scientific paleo-environmental collections) are carried out by many scientists on the Paris-Saclay territory.
In this framework, different scientific fields have for five years been working closely together : experimental sciences, Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences, to experiment and develop new methods as well as epistemological and reflective approaches.

A scientific event dedicated to Heritage science will be held on March 10th 2016 at Ecole Polytechnique (Amphithéâtre Gay-Lussac).

This interdisciplinary gathering aims at identifying and bringing together the scientific community from Paris-Saclay (scientists, doctoral, engineer and masters students) active in Heritage Science to discuss about the topic of "Heritage materials and material heritage".

Organized in the framework of the future ERIHS (European Research Infrastructure on Heritage Science), the Paris-Saclay University and the Maison des sciences de l’Homme, one objective of the workshop is to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations between entities in the field of ancient materials on the Saclay territory.

Scientific committee

  • Vincent Bontems (LARSIM, CEA)
  • Pierre Chastang (DYPAC, UVSQ)
  • Pierre Galtier (GEMaC, UVSQ)
  • Hélène Gispert (GHDSO, Université Paris-Sud)
  • Delphine Neff (NIMBE, CEA / CNRS)
  • Steve Oudot (Geometrica, Inria)
  • Mathieu Thoury (IPANEMA, CNRS / MCC)

Organisation committee


Registration for the event is free but mandatory via this link.

Program of the interdisciplinary workshop

Programme de l’Atelier

Paper abstracts

Résumés des contributions

Poster of the interdisciplinary workshop

Workshop poster

Instructions for the poster sessions

The selected posters have to be in an A0 format (height).

Access map

Ecole Polytechnique - Amphithéâtre Gay-Lussac - 91120 Palaiseau

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General map

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Map of amphitheatres :


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