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Post-doctoral researcher - Synchrotron SOLEIL

Research interests

I’m a post-doc on the PUMA beamline, where my research includes commissioning of the beam line and the study of degradation mechanisms of artistic materials. I’m currently working with the National Gallery in London to understand pigment degradation in association with trace and "co-" minerals. Prior to joining Soleil, I was a conservation volunteer at Royal Museums Greenwich, UK, where I worked in the up-keep and care of collections on display and in storage. I began my path in conservation science at the Museum of Vancouver, Canada where I did a small study on the identification of degraded modern artifacts using Raman and FTIR for storage and conservation considerations.

Research background

I studied chemistry at the University of British Columbia in the labs of Pierre Kennepohl and Keng C. Chou. My PhD thesis was based on understanding the electronic interactions of the sulfur-nitrogen bond in sulfonamides using S K-edge spectroscopy. Before grad school I studied at the University of Washington where I majored in Biochemistry with minors in Chemistry and Physics (undergrad research, laboratory of David C. Dale)


Probing the nature of sulfur-nitrogen bonding in sulfenamides and related compounds : insights into pi-contributions from Sulfur K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Tulin Okbinoglu and Pierre Kennepohl, in preparation.

Fluorine Transfer to Alkyl Radicals. Montserrat Rueda-Becerril, Claire Chatalova Sazepin, Joe Leung, Tulin Okbinoglu, Pierre Kennepohl, Jean-Francois Paquin, Glenn Sammis. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2012) 134:9, 4026—4029. doi:10.1021/ja211679v

Comparison of HIV-derived Lentiviral and MLV-based Gammaretroviral Vector Integration Sites in Primate Repopulating Cells. Brian C. Beard, David, Kate Beebe, Christina Gooch, James Fletcher, Tulin Okbinoglu, Daniel G. Miller, Michael A. Jacobs, Rajinder Kaul, Hans-Peter Kiem, Grant D. Trobridge. Molecular Therapy (2007) 15:7, 1356–1365. doi:10.1038/