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The E-RIHS European Infrastructure

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E-RIHS – European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science – is a research infrastructure dedicated to the study of material from cultural and natural heritage.

E-RIHS aims to address the experimental challenges raised by the knowledge and conservation of heritage materials (collections of museums and galleries, buildings, archeological sites, archives, libraries, etc.). To that end, E-RIHS is setting up transnational access to cutting-edge technologies (synchrotron, ions beams, lasers, mobile instruments, etc.), to scientific archives and to their associated methodologies.

The study of heritage materials benefited from recurrent European funding since 1999 through the EU projects LabS-TECH, EU-ARTECH, CHARISMA and IPERION CH (H2020, 2015-2019). In March 2016, E-RIHS has been incorporated into the ESFRI Roadmap (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) and on the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures.

At the European level, the infrastructure entered its preparatory phase in February 2017 (European project E-RIHS PP). From a legal point of view, its creation is foreseen in 2022.

At the French level, several partners have committed themselves to work together to set up in parallel the infrastructure E-RIHS France. E-RIHS France project is the one of E-RIHS Europe. However, building on the flexibility of a collaborative national construction, it also seeks to explore new paths. The reflection focuses in particular on the construction of other platforms, the interconnection of data, and law around data (samples, digital data, etc.).

Together with the C2RMF, IPANEMA coordinates the French participation to E-RIHS.
More information about the E-RIHS project can be found on the E-RIHS France website.

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