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Support modalities

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IPANEMA, as a scientific and technical interface, can support your synchrotron project by supporting, according to your needs, the drafting of beamtime proposals, the preparation of samples, the development or adaptation of experimental setups in conjunction with beamlines, the data collection and/or the analysis of data.

Today, IPANEMA support to the research on ancient materials is carried out in the framework of synchrotron projects of a duration of a few days. Beamtime proposals must be submitted within the SOLEIL calls that are organised every six months.
- To contact us, please refer to the presentation of the team or send a message to

- To submit a synchrotron proposal : consult the list of beamlines at SOLEIL, log in the SUNset electronic interface to users, choose the program committee CP6, if you are a European (non French) user, see page on the support of European users (IPERION CH).

IPANEMA hosts scientists for periods up to three years. The support of IPANEMA includes training in analytical methods, implementation, adaptation or development of new setups, processing and analysis of data, to the exploitation of the results. Access modalities is adapted, to foster in particular the synchrotron study of corpuses or collections of ancient materials.