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Access of European users through IPERION HS

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The European Commission supports the access of European users to IPANEMA and Synchrotron SOLEIL from May 1st, 2015 to April 31rd, 2019 through the IPERION CH Programme.

Following the successful project CHARISMA, the new Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Culture Heritage IPERION CH is now launching its first call for proposals.

In the frame of the European strategy Horizon 2020, IPERION CH gives scientific teams access to world-class tools and knowledge of Europe’s leading facilities in Heritage Science.

Groups of researchers from European or associated countries can apply with their proposal until September 15th, 2016 (23:59 CET) to access one or more of the 19 facilities.

Proposals can be addressed to three advanced transnational platforms ARCHLAB, FIXLAB and MOLAB :

  • ARCHLAB : Access to archives from 10 European museums and Research institutes ;
  • FIXLAB : Access to Large scale facilities coupled with medium scale installations ;
  • MOLAB : Advanced mobile analytical instrumentations from 5 installations for in-situ non invasive measurements ;

For more details about the hosting institutes and to apply go to :

Feel free to forward this open call to any collegue who might be interested,

Access to the SOLEIL synchrotron source

Application to the SOLEIL synchrotron source can be requested using the general application form and selecting IPERION CH as support program :

IPANEMA supports users in their application to SOLEIL, and can be contacted for advice.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria are the following :

  • The Main proposer AND the majority of the participants must work in an institution established in a Member State of the European Union or Associated State (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Israel, Lichtenstein, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia) ;
  • The Main proposer AND the majority of the participants must work in a country other than the country where the legal entity operating the infrastructure is established (France for SOLEIL) ;
  • Only user groups that are entitled to disseminate the foreground they have generated under the project (e.g. through scientific publications) are eligible to benefit from access free of charge to the infrastructure.