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22 June 2017

Science and ancient materials at the French Academy of Sciences on 4th of July

Emerging research topics, new methodological developments and enhancement of interdisciplinary collaborations between experimental sciences, human sciences and environmental sciences contribute (...)

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22 June 2017

RItrain staff exchanges programme - call for applications 2017/18

A new call for application has been published in the framework of Ritrain project’s staff exchanges programme. The purpose of RItrain staff exchanges is for managerial staff from European Research (...)

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15 June 2017

IPANEMA partner of the CuBISM project (PIRE, NSF)

In the frame of a particularly competitive call for proposals, the National Science Foundation (NSF, USA) has selected the PIRE NSF Computationally-Based Imaging of Structure in Materials (...)

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13 June 2017

3D imaging of flat natural and cultural heritage objects by a Compton scattering modality

A new publication regarding 3D imaging by means of Compton scattering

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1 June 2017

Samuel Webb, invited researcher at IPANEMA

Samuel Webb, staff scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory – Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lights Sources (United-States) will be soon hosted at IPANEMA. He is indeed one of the ten (...)

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SOLEIL synchrotron beamlines


IPANEMA, site of the SOLEIL synchrotron, Saint-Aubin, France


Administration: Régina OPRANDI-LEGORRE
Director: Loïc BERTRAND

Access to IPANEMA

Access by public transportation
(Preferably) RER B Le Guichet + bus 9, stop at Orme des (...)