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30 November 2017

A ‘Physics of ancient materials’ Symposium at the European Physical Society Meeting in Berlin, March 2018

The Joint Conference of the Condensed Matter Divisions of the German Physical Society (DPG) and of the European Physical Society (EPS) will hold a Symposium devoted to the ‘Physics of ancient (...)

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22 November 2017

Ancient materials also inspire the creation of new materials!

The study of materials from art, archaeology and palaeontology is essential to elucidate the origin and evolution of life on Earth, measure the impact of human activities on climate and (...)

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11 October 2017

Illuminating the composition of carbon-based ancient materials

Carbon can take various forms depending on the function of the molecule in which it is placed, each with its own distinct ‘species’. The ‘speciation’ of carbonaceous materials is generally obtained (...)

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19 September 2017

Second Interim meeting of E-RIHS PP

E-RIHS PP partners gathered on 12th and 13th of September 2017 at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) in Prague for the second E-RIHS PP interim meeting.
The (...)

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15 September 2017

PhD fellowship at IPANEMA and CR2P

IPANEMA and the CR2P are recruiting a PhD student in the framework of the DILUVIAN project (Deciphering hidden Information with LUminescence of Vetigrastropoda using new Imaging ANalytical (...)

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SOLEIL synchrotron beamlines


IPANEMA, site of the SOLEIL synchrotron, Saint-Aubin, France


Administration: Régina OPRANDI-LEGORRE
Director: Loïc BERTRAND

Access to IPANEMA

Access by public transportation
(Preferably) RER B Le Guichet + bus 9, stop at Orme des (...)