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7 May 2019

European Culture ministers support the formation of a EU network on heritage expertise

Gathered to express their solidarity with France following the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, the EU Member States ministers responsible for Culture and ministers responsible for European affairs defended the formation of a European network on heritage expertise. They explictly mentionned E-RIHS as an example of this expertise.

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22 April 2019

Seventh interim meeting of E-RIHS PP in Aachen (Germany)

Ipanema took part to the seventh interim meeting of the EU-funded project E-RIHS PP, which was organised on April 10, 2019 in Aachen (Germany).

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16 April 2019

Join now the signatories of the Declaration Heritage, Sciences and Technologies: an opportunity for our societies and the global economy

In the framework of the World Meeting on Heritage, Sciences and Technologies, the Paris Declaration Heritage, Sciences and Technologies: an opportunity for our societies and the global economy (...)

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1 March 2019

Save the Date – RItrain workshop on Building Leadership in European Research Infrastructures

The RItrain consortium partners are organising a workshop entitled "Building Leadership in European Research Infrastructures - Common Challenges, Best Practices and Future Perspectives of RI (...)

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9 January 2019

The journal Analytical Chemistry publishes developments from IPANEMA in 3D imaging to better understand ancient metals

The composition of ancient metal objects is generally studied in detail from a sample by methods such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM). A team of scientists from IPANEMA, the SOLEIL (...)

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World Meeting Heritage, Sciences and Technologies

SOLEIL synchrotron beamlines


IPANEMA, site of the SOLEIL synchrotron, Saint-Aubin, France


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Director: Loïc BERTRAND